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Types of Commercial Fridge

commercial refrigerator

Commercial refrigerator is defined as a device of commercial refrigeration whereby all refrigerated sections of the device are capable of functioning above 32 F (2 degrees F) at atmospheric pressure. This refrigeration rate is necessary as the refrigerants which act as sources of refrigeration are generally at very high temperatures. Refrigerators are of different types such as the food grade, the food service and the warehouse grade refrigerators. All the refrigerators however belong to the category of commercial fridge.


The commercial refrigerator has two doors namely the freezer door and the cooling door. The door of the freezer is generally hinged so as to provide easy access to the cooling section of the device while the hinged doors of the cooling door to allow easy entry and exit. This type of refrigeration equipment has built in water dispensers, ice machines, food processors, can openers, food sprayers and many more. With the advent of modern technology, most commercial fridges have refrigerated cabinets with built in overhead freezer doors.


A wide range of commercial fridges sale is available in the market from various manufacturers. The various categories of commercial fridges are designed for different uses. Some commercial fridges sale are meant for domestic kitchen, some for restaurant kitchens, some are meant for industrial kitchens and etc. The refrigerators which are meant for domestic kitchens have hinged doors, adjustable shelves and come with a steel construction. On the other hand the commercial fridges sale for restaurants are built in a way such that they can be use by bar staff and also for caterers.

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