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Job Searching – Using A Job Searching Software Tool Like Zoho Direct


An applicant tracking system is an online software application that allows the easy electronic management of human resource requirements. The ATS is a web-based interface application used to capture and transmit applicant related data to various decision makers in the recruitment process such as managers, human resource professionals, executive recruiters and others. An ATS can easily be accessed or installed online at either small or enterprise-level, depending upon the organization’s requirements; open source and free ATS software are also accessible. While small and venture-based organizations typically use web-based applicant tracking systems, some multinational corporations are turning to proprietary ATS applications due to their increased functionality and security options.


With zoho direct applicant tracking systems, it is easy to manage candidates, reviews, positions, keywords and other information pertinent to the position for which a candidate wishes to apply. By using a zoho direct application, applicants can submit relevant information online at any time day or night from anywhere with an internet connection. Aids in tracking, storing and reviewing thousands of resumes and job applicants, the zoho direct application has the ability to fill thousands of positions in hundreds of companies while eliminating the tedious, time-consuming recruiting cycle. Whether applicants need to submit relevant information via email, fax or personal touch through phone, the application system has the capacity to access these applications immediately.


One of the most common mistakes made during job hunting is sending incorrect, out-of-date or otherwise incorrect information to potential employers. Using a resume capture page allows candidates to upload their most current resumes along with any previous jobs, if applicable. By browsing through the resume gallery, potential employers can easily find the most relevant positions for each individual. Upon viewing a resume, the system will give candidates a choice to either upload their entire resume (if they wish to upload their entire history) or simply select a section of their resume to send in along with their application. The applicant tracking system then utilizes this information to generate a customized resume to specifically suit the hiring manager’s specific needs. Not only does the system allow candidates to create an attractive, professional resume, it also automatically sends the same resume to multiple employers for the maximum amount of exposure.

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