Day: September 30, 2021

Super Nova LightingSuper Nova Lighting

supernova lighting

SuperNova is a low voltage track and floodlight used for residential and commercial lighting. The light itself is similar to a very bright xenon flash but the xenon is replaced with a high-intensity incandescent light that offers up to three hundred thousand hours of lifetime brightness. In other words, Super Nova can illuminate a fifty-foot section of the garage or the inside of a one thousand gallon water tank. It can be supplied in either direct (DC) or alternating currents and is sometimes used as a replacement for a halogen light bulb in car headlights or task lights.

How to Find SuperNova Lighting

This type of supernova lighting will work great in a variety of applications and it can be used for both interior and exterior flood lights. It is so versatile that it has become a very popular choice in the construction industry. It can be found on home improvement shows, barns, workshops, storage facilities, hotels, airports, and corporations. Super Nova is an inexpensive option that does not take away from the look of a structure as some fluorescent bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs do. It will provide enough light for any construction or garage location without consuming a lot of power.

Super Nova is available in a number of finishes and sizes for any application. It can be bought in four foot and under for garages and boats, six foot and over for warehouses and retail businesses, ten foot and above for industrial applications and even forty foot for industrial trucks. It is very affordable and will pay for itself by reducing energy costs and illuminating for longer periods of time. Super Nova is easy to install and come pre-wired for easy placement. The only minor installation required is the ground wire and some wall anchors depending on the product you buy. The ease of use and relatively small price tag makes Super Nova an excellent choice for any do it yourselfer or do not have the necessary skills to install the average sized building.